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FBN views Consulting Services as the perfect opportunity to charge big bucks for producing a report with a bunch of words which really don't communicate anything except the ability to craft words together in such a manner the reader is led to believe it means something and the failure of the reader to understand the totality of the words is the fault of the reader and not the consultant who crafted the document and charged the big bucks.

Some examples of the better word craftsmanship you can expect from FBN.

"efficiencies in your business processes almost  immediately"

"can help you make your business more responsive, competitive, and profitable"

"determine the best implementation strategy for your business"

"our solutions enables an organization's business processes to work together more effectively, whether it's finance, materials management, production planning, sales, or distribution"

"streamlines business processes, creating an effective means of sharing information online and in real time with customers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and business partners"

"executives can get a real time view of how most of the business works together"

"to make critical decisions faster to gain and maintain a competitive edge"

"examining how PC-based decision support software effectively enhances convergence and consensus complex decision making"

"all participants will be involved in situation-based simulation exercises based upon the generic contingency planning methodology designed to deepen previous learning and understanding"

"applicability to software diagnostics"

"customers can be assured of a successful implementation"

"our solutions enable executives and their managers to concentrate on running their business, not their business systems"

"our solutions provide organizations with a better return on their technology investments, which means increased competitive advantage"

"intelligent managed management demand of subscribers"

"intelligent managed access and scalability and performance demands "

"impact operational support costs"

"new intelligent management paradigm"

"substantial differentiation"

"management safety net"

"network architecture based applications"

"business critical packet traffic"

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