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The management team of FBN is attuned to the pulse of the Internet.  We at FBN have become masters of the various techniques used to  condition customers to accept the concept of lower expectations.  The emerging E-Business segment offers FBN opportunities beyond our wildest dreams.

E-Business is a natural for FBN.  The definition of the concept is changing daily.  We at FBN split E-Business into two major categories, dealing directly with online consumers, and selling E-Business solutions to business.  E-Business is the new frontier, a new goldrush, and the perfect opportunity for FBN to deliver more of our famous world-class service.

Most Internet users, or as we like to call them - online consumers, are a more affluent consumer.  Fortunately, for FBN, their affluence does not translate into "informed consumer" as most online consumers are in general over-trusting of deals found on the Internet.  If you doubt this, consider the prevalence of chain-letters, modem tax warnings, virus warnings, and most important spam.  Spammers would not be spamming if there was not some sort of hit rate associated with the spammer's efforts.  At this point we would prefer ro refer to online consumers as E-Suckers but careful market research has shown some aversion to the use of this term.

As traditional companies rush to the Internet to stake-out their territory on this new frontier they are leaving behind their normal good business sense.  Companies which would normally run a tight-ship are now falling victim to what we at FBN like to call "CyberSucker Syndrome".  While in normal circumstances any mention of "syndrome" is considered bad in this situation it translates into big billing opportunities for FBN.

The management team at FBN would like to believe they are on top of all the best opportunities offered by the Internet.  Unfortunately, for FBN, a fantastic opportunity was missed - the Online Auction.  What a great concept!  It plays directly into the psyche of the common E-Sucker or online consumer.  Auction sites are free from all responsibility for deals gone bad, free from all liability in fraudulent transactions, and then they charge extra for third-party escrow services.  Since it is not a FBN concept we call online auction sites "E-Screwed" sites.

Call FBN, The CyberSucker People for all your E-Business needs.

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