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The Art of Grifting

If you looking for a How-To of Grifting this is the wrong page, you want this page.  This page is a critique of Grifting.

I never intended to write a guide to grifting. Inadvertently it happened, the FBN web site is a guide to grifting in the computer business. The whole FBN project was intended as a spoof and written from experiences in the computer and high tech business. Some imagination and exaggeration was used to write these pages but surprisingly not as much as one may expect. Maybe working for lawyers for 15 years helped a little. Almost all of the themes explored on the FBN pages were seen in operation in real live situations, just maybe not in the high tech field.

It is surprising how many browsers hit the FBN web site referred via search engines after searching for "grifting" or the "art of grifting". I never thought there was such a demand for information on grifting. In my eyes grifting is a low-end con game performed by drifters or other similar lowlifes. A grifter screws every person with whom they come in contact. I have met a few and in general it is not a pleasant experience. Drug addicts scrounging for their next fix is a good example of an equally unpleasant experience. Maybe, many have a more romantic view of scamming people and have elevated grifters to a higher level.  Just remember, if you think it is okay to con and steal from other people you are giving approval to con and steal from you!

Many would state that after recent events many grifters are alive and well pretending to be corporate executives. Many of their scams expose individuals of the lowest rung of moral belief and behavior. With roles models such as the CEOs of Enron, Arthur Anderson, Global Crossing and many others involved in dot coms. Many were fortunate enough to escape the bursting of the dot com era and stock market downturn with great wealth. It appears those on the corporate side of the deal did well and the individual investor types funded this transfer of wealth much to their disadvantage.

In writing these pages I was attempting to inform and make humor of the lack of ethics practiced by many in the computer and high tech fields. Most folks who stumble upon this site fail to understand my intent. Some have been offended, failing to see the humor but seeing the scam. Most probably fail to understand as this site fails the "25 word rule", in this day and age thoughts and ideas must be distilled into 25 words or less as your audience is incapable of keeping a train of thought beyond 25 words. Everyone wants information and ideas put into bullets which can be understood and digested with little effort. Some blame television for this dumbing down of society.

If you are researching grifting in an attempt to protect yourself I wish you luck in your quest to educate yourself. If you attempting to develop your grifting skills I really don't have much to say, remember - if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

Postscript:  This page was developed after noticing the search engines were dropping viewers onto the Career Opportunities page as it mentioned "grifter", the Email address to which submit handwritten cover letters and resumes.  Yes, received lots of resumes but none were handwritten.  I wrote this page as I didn't think much of grifters and grifting.  Realizing I had suddenly appeared to have lost my sense of humour I wrote the "in theme" Art of Grifting page.

Even after posting the "in theme" Art of Grifting page the search engines contine to drop viewers onto this critique page rather than the "in theme" page.  If a viewer sees the "in theme" page they tend to look around the rest of the FBN site.  If they hit the critique page they don't tend to view any other pages.  It is apparent the viewers would prefer the "in theme" page rather than the critique page but the search engines continue to drop viewers into the critique page no matter what I do.  I have even tried to put the content of the critique page page into the "in theme" page as invisible text.

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