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Career Opportunities

Visualize Innovative Ideas, Put Your Skills Into Action And Look Into The Future Of Grifting with FBN Technical Services.

We don't just offer jobs. We offer you the opportunity to grow an exciting and challenging career in a company of tremendous possibility. The culture of FBN Technical Services fosters enthusiasm, going alone and massive adrenalin rushes when the scam works. Our employees embody excellence in the art of Grifting  - FBN means excellence in the art of separating the customer from their money.

Where we have been

Created in 1984 when our Fearless Leader was released from prison, FBN Technical Services began trading out of the trunk of our Fearless Leader's car.  In later years, after finding the best in legal counsel, FBN actually started working out of an office.

Where we are taking grifting  

FBN Technical Services expects to take Grifting to new heights as new technologies are developed.  New technologies offer the perfect opportunity for bilking of customers.  The newer the technology the better.  The more immature the technology the harder it is for the customer to determine they have been done over.

Where you fit in

At FBN Technical Services, we emphasize cross-functional teams, eliminate obstacles to innovation, and adapt quickly to change. The Grift won't work any other way.  Most importantly, we focus single-mindedly on people and results. We must move faster than the customers and other scam artists. Come join us!

Get ready to be surprised and inspired

It's a world worth exploring - where dedication and achievement are rewarded. If you have no conscious this just might be a world of opportunity for you.

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