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In the software segment of the business FBN Technical Services has managed to be defeated at our own game.  In other areas we are able to provide some of the worse solutions imaginable in this business.  Unfortunately in the software business we have been horribly out-classed by a provider who consistently delivers late, delivers bloated code, resource hungry, insecure and software which just doesn't work as advertised.   

The FBN team have thrived to provide world-class junk and generally we succeed.  In the field of operating systems and office suites we have been out-classed at every attempt. We pay our respects to, well you know who we are talking about, those guys that always manage to deliver second-class product at first-class prices. Those guys that took an operating system which was a technical failure and managed a marketing success. This is a humbling experience for us at FBN.  It is hard to be the best in all fields.

We have attempted to develop licensing programs which grind every last dime out of the pockets of our customers.  Again, in this area we have been outdone by, well you know who.  After years of marketing second rate solutions, and successfully getting corporate management to buy in, they set the hook even deeper with licensing terms which would embarrass the average extortionist.  We are positively envious and any additional comments would be seen as sour grapes.

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