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Computer Telephone Integration
In recent years there has been an explosion in the deployment and use of data networks in business.  Business has always been a big user of traditional circuit-switched telephony for voice communication.  Both are used as productivity aids to help business efficiently service their customers.  The Internet is now being integrated into business operation models as business attempts to determine how it can lower costs or bring in more revenues.  The next challenge for business is to integrate information systems, data networks, voice networks, and the Internet into one seamless solution delivering new levels of profitability.  Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is the technology which will deliver these new levels of profitability to those who make the necessary investment.

CTI can do much for your business, sales force automation, customer relationship  management, call center implementations, automatic call distributor, voice recognition, text-to-speech, multimedia gateways, interactive voice response, call forward navigator, automated receptionist, or whatever else you may think this technology can do for you.

FBN will formulate a strategy integrating IP data networks, voice technologies, and your information systems into a coherent business productivity aid delivering solutions which enable your business to be more efficient than your competitors.  A CTI solution from FBN will focus on applying the unique knowledge and tools available from FBN to implement the best possible customer relationship management systems and integration with the Internet and/or the telephone networks.

Your communications are the core of your business.  FBN is positioned to be the core of your business communication networks with our dynamic partnership of CTI specialists.   These specialists will research and understand your needs and apply a proprietary solution to surpass your requirements.  Why a proprietary solution?  Open industry standards just don't work.  Proprietary systems are better as they lock you the customer into one vendor who can charge far more than you want to pay.  

We at FBN love the concept of CTI.  A new immature business segment, full of new acronyms with which to boggle the minds of customers.  Better yet, our solutions don't even really have to work well as no one will know the difference.  


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