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We at FBN figure we got this web page stuff all figured out.  Everyone else is making a bundle so why shouldn't FBN do the same.  There is just nothing to this this web page design stuff.  The Twelve Year Old Kid From Across The Street comes over and just whips this stuff up for us in no time at all.  We figure if he can figure this stuff out we too can do it.

We figure with The Twelve Year Old Kid From Across The Street we can handle any project known to the web.  This kid is so hot he can just do anything.  Hell, if he can do so can we. 

Internet design requires a ridiculous skillset.  Some of the skills required on a daily basis to put Internet projects together include: understanding people, graphics design, HTML coding, PERL scripting, an excellent work ethic, Javascript, advanced relational database design, typography, Visual Basic, a laid-back nature, color theory and a good sense of humor.  We are not really sure about the sense of humor but other than that requirement The Twelve Year Old From Across The Street has it all.  We only wish we did!

FBN will invest the time to clearly educate you on the Internet and how it operates.  This type of service ensures you, the customer, a better understanding and broader vision as to how the Internet can help you meet your origanization's goals.  Providing you are willing to meet The Twelve Year Kid From Across The Street on a school day at his lunch hour we are sure FBN can fulfill all of your web design requirements.

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