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I am not trying to hide behind a phony Email address.  This Email address is for posting on newsgroups and other public forums which are likely to be searched for Email addresses for Spam purposes.  Apparently the bots will remove "nospam" from any addresses harvested and subsequently corrupt my Email address.  Time will tell if it works.  A few photos of past travels follow, push onwards if you think you can suffer through a few boring photographs.

Photo of Temples in Bali

Temples in Bali. A favourite weekend haunt.

Friends at a banana-leaf restaurant in Singapore.  My favourite food.

Southern Indian Banana leaf restaurant

A better view of the banana leaf as a plate, so to speak.

Rebel Held Region of Burma

Entering Burma in a rebel held region.  Three Pagoda Pass, into the Mon National region.

Photo of Peter Blake holding a hostage

1991ish.  Peter Blake, before the Sir bit, holding a fueling station mascot hostage.  I was to blame as I doubled or tripled his G&Ts.  He called me a bastard later, just before he passed out.  The hostage was returned unharmed.

St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow

St. Basil's Cathedral, South end of Red Square, near Lenin's tomb, just east of the Kremlin.  Kremlin is Russian for  "fort", the Kremlin is nothing but a big medieval fortification, with churches inside....

Loch Ness, a different view

Loch Ness, on the south side, the side no one visits.  Unfortunately I didn't see the monster, I tried....

Paddling on the Ganges River At Varanasi

Paddling a boat on the Ganges River at Varanasi.  Early morning sight seeing.

Photo of friends

A few friends from long ago, Myat, John and John's daughter - sorry I forgot her name.
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