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Email is now an important component of day to day business activities.  According to a Pitney-Bowes report 97% of business people use email every day, and 75-80% of these use Outlook or Outlook Express.  Of the two-thirds of American citizens who now use the Internet, over 80% have email access, and 76% of email users check their electronic mailboxes at least once each day.  People love receiving email and as much as they state they dislike spam they still read it and buy from direct email marketers.

If you believe a report from DoubleClick, 82 percent of all purchasers who bought something via the Internet in 2001 did so through an email offer. That's up 20 percent from 2000. Also, IMT found that 62 percent of people who receive permission-based email opened it in 2001 - an impressive figure. The same report says that 50 billion email marketing messages were sent to consumers in 2001, and that number is expected to double this year.  Direct emailing is one of the most effective advertising mediums available today.  Spam pays and these statistics prove it!  

As much as people complain about spam it is obvious someone buys from those who use direct email marketing.  Whether it is permission-based or not spam provides benefits for the direct email marketer.  While there is often an negative conation to direct email marketing, or spamming, FBN has no issues in providing Spam Services.   While some may call spammers slimebuckets, this is not an issue to FBN as we view this as a compliment.

To assist those brave direct email marketeers FBN offers The Spamizer Plus.  The Spamizer Plus is a Swiss army knife type application which performs all the processes required by today's modern spammer.  A short list of the features and benefits provided by the Spamizer Plus follow:
  • helps execute more effective email marketing campaigns
  • an email marketing automation solution
  • combines acquisition and retention strategies
  • checks multiple email account and collects information from a variety of reports
  • parse date, process it and transfer to other applications automatically using easy to set up rules and filters
  • automatic processing of order forms received via email, updating order databases and sending replies to clients
  • compiling mailing lists and maintaining statistics of any kind
  • personalize spam with email merge features
  • helps develop personalized relationships with customers
  • helps drive traffic to your web site and increase online sales
  • develops brand awareness, generates inquiries and nutures your customer relationships
  • grows the customer database
  • delivers a high ROI and builds overall results
  • an effective and reliable message processing tool using industry leading technologies based on Microsoft Active Scripting technology
  • can be integrated with various software products supporting ActiveX technology
  • saving backup copies of important information
The Spamizer Plus provides  the spammer of today with all the tools required to make the online experience of millions less pleasant.  Send porn ads to children.  Penis enlargement ads to women.  Make the info-commercial folks look like reputable sellers of quality merchandise.  In general the Spamizer Plus can help you became hated by millions.  If you believe the Spamizer Plus can deliver all the above mentioned features we have some waterfront property in Arizona which would be of interest to you.

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