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FBN - The Ultimate Enterprise Security Experts.  Normally network integrators are not security experts.  We at FBN are the exception, not only are we network/internetwork integrators but we are also The Ultimate Enterprise Security Experts.  FBN can design a complete information security management policy, embracing server configuration, user access controls, file permissions, anti-virus techniques, physical security, technical specifications, staff guidelines, procedures and contracts.  Whatever you want, FBN, The Ultimate Enterprise Security Experts will deliver. 

We at FBN are experts in system security and survival in the information security jungle.  This expertise has been gained in the countless experiences of being hacked.  We at FBN hate hackers as they are just like cockroaches, once you get an infestation, you never get rid of them.  The good part about dealing with this type of infestation with FBN as your security services provider is that the hackers will always be there as will FBN.  The part we like the best, FBN gets paid while the wily hacker only gets the pleasure of forbidden thrills (or whatever hackers get out of it?). 

We at FBN can go through the motions.  We can provide risk assessments, develop a strategic information security plan, outline vulnerabilities, map penetration routes, develop appropriate levels of security, develop sophisticated intruder detection systems, lay security functionality on top of existing infrastructures, provide you with real business solutions that work in complex open computing environments, implement an adequate response mechanism, check your office for listening devices, and spray for cockroaches.  But, it will not do any good, just like the cockroaches, the hackers will return. 

FBN has found that many organizations lack the level of expertise required for properly implementing and configuring security systems. Some also lack the TCP/IP networking skills required to design the foundation of a network.  Your networks consist of a complex topology - and laying security functionality on top of existing infrastructures is no less complex. FBN will work with all of your departments to develop your existing networks to the point where security modeling can be effective applied into a workable architecture.  If you think FBN will actually deliver on these promises you are our type of customer.

Visit our Data Security page and learn about our PUP data encryption product.

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