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George Smith, CEO
Chief Executive Officer -  George Smith is the fearless leader of FBN.  His vision and leadership have taken FBN to new heights and helped FBN become what it is today.  

Chief Financial Office, John Manley
Chief Financial Officer - John Manley comes to FBN from a bankrupt dot com.  In his previous position John helped to raise the maximum amount of cash from customers and investors alike.  John managed to escape with a minimum number of subpoenas and the lawyers advise none of the charges are expected to stick.  We have great expectations of  John.

VP of Business Development, Doug Henkel
VP of Business Development - Doug Henkel is a great salesman.  FBN is lucky to have found a salesman of Doug's ability who is not in jail or on probation.  There is an office pool on when this is likely to change.  We believe Doug is almost bullet proof and is likely to be with FBN for the next year or two before his luck runs out.

For any pending or new legal action please contact our legal advisors, Bernard Goldstein of Goldstein, Goldstein & Associates.  He is a slick shyster so if you need a lawyer to tackle an impossible mission he is your man.  Bernard has managed to keep our toubles to a minimum and that is an accomplishment deserving significant credit.

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