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FBN is an unique investment opportunity.  We have attempted to avoid the usual management distractions and unnecessary costs associated with traditional business, like delivering products which actually work.  In addition, in this age of Internet mania, we no longer must actually go through the motions of actually pretending to have a viable product, we label FBN an Internet startup and just sell stock.  This is even better than our usual schtick .

FBN has a far reaching strategy to harness the dynamics of the Internet with the company's full spectrum of solutions.  Management has studied the success of selected Internet companies and applied the most applicable practices to the FBN business model.  Our business model emphasizes the practice of "hit and run", deliver junk and fade into the fog of unresponsiveness.  Today's Internet business model allows no known metric to gauge value, a characteristic which FBN is well positioned to capitalize upon.  

Who is driving up the price of Internet and high technology stocks?  People seem to think of the Internet as a new frontier where they must be "in" at the ground floor or they will be forever locked out.  We tend to look at these people as our target audience.  Who are these people?  Ignorant but affluent online investors and retail day traders who believe a theory that stock should only go up as God intended.

FBN has brought many unique products to the market, PIGs (Personal Information Gophers), LAST (Large Array of Stale Technology), TBM (Total Buzzword Management), and the Web Whacker 2000.  With new investors, and the patience of our existing investors, management will be able to continue their orgy of greed and maybe someday actually produce the promised cash portal.  Many thanks to all of you believers, as we would not be here today if it wasn't for YOUR money!

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