Welcome to FBN - `The Contractor From Hell'

We at FBN pride ourselves as being as slippery as the slippiest and as slimy as the slimiest. We hired a consultant to do our website and of course he wanted his money upfront. We paid him on promises of fast service and guess what?? He Emailed us a couple of times with excuses and more promises and then disappeared. We tried to do this web stuff ourselves and it proved to be just a bit too difficult for the crew. In desperation we got the 12 year old from across the street to develop these pages. We think something funny may be going on as he will not let us view the finished product. This kid has a wicked sense of humour and we suspect he is doing it to us again.

FBN Technical Services now has a presence on the World Wide Web. FBN is an industry leader in separating your money from your wallet. We at FBN pride ourselves on our inability to do anything right. Are your systems working fine now? Do you have deep pockets? Do you crave frustration and stress and the uncertainty of knowing if your systems will work? FBN may just be the service contractor for you! We guarantee we can't do anything right! FBN is the service contractor from Hell!

FBN Technical Services is a full-service systems provider. You name and we can do it, or at least well enough to take the deposit, make a mess, and then disappear. Give us a chance. We guarantee you haven't had a service provider like FBN in the past. FBN provides the following products and services:

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